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One Down Crossbow Build

This is the One Down Crossbow build. To find what you’re looking for, you can use CTRL+F to find it or scroll down to look at the entire content.



  • Medic
    • Combat Medic
      • Basic: You gain a 30% damage reduction for 5 seconds both after and during reviving another player.
    • Quick Fix
      • Basic: Decreases your First Aid Kit and Doctor Bag deploy time by 50%
      • Ace: Crew members that use your First Aid Kits or Doctor Bags take 15% less damage for 120 seconds.
    • Combat Doctor
      • Basic: You can now deploy 2 Doctor Bags instead of just one.
      • Ace: Your doctor bags have 2 more charges.
    • Inspire
      • Basic: You revive crew members 100% faster. Shouting at your teammates increases their movememnt speed and reload speed by 20% for 10 seconds.
      • Ace: There is a 100% chance that you can revive crew members at a distance up to 9 meters by shouting at them. This cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds.
  • Controller
    • Forced Friendship
      • Basic: Increase your supply of Cable Ties by 4. You can tie hostages 75% faster.
    • Confident
      • Basic: The power and range of your intimidation is increased by 50%.
      • Ace: You can have 2 converted enemies at the same time.
    • Joker
      • Basic: You can convert a non-special enemy to fight by your side. This can not be done during stealth and the enemy must have surrendered in order for you to convert them. You can only convert one non-special enemy at a time.
      • Ace: Your converted enemy takes 55% less damage and deals 100% more damage. The time to convert an enemy is reduced by 65%.
    • Partners in Crime
      • Basic: Having a converted enemy increases your movement speed by 10%. Your converted enemy takes 45% less damage. Does not stack with Joker damage reduction, but multiplies.
      • Ace: Having a converted enemy increases your health by 30%. Your coverted enemy takes 54% less damage. Does not stack with Joker damage reduction, but multiplies.



  • Shotgunner
    • Underdog
      • Basic: While 3 or more enemies within 18 meters are targeting you, you receive a 15% damage bonus that lasts for 7 seconds.
      • Ace: When 3 or more enemies within 18 meters are targeting you, you also receive a 15% damage reduction that lasts for 7 seconds. Note: Does not apply to melee damage, throwables, grenade launchers or rocket launchers.
  • Tank
    • Resilience
      • Basic: Increases your armor recovery rate by 15%
      • Ace: Reduces the visual effect duration of Flashbangs by 75%
    • Die Hard
      • Basic: You take 50% less damage while interacting with objects.
    • Shock and Awe
      • Basic: Increases the armor recovery rate for you and your crew by 25%


Currently, there is no skills for this skill set.



  • Artful Dodger
    • Duck and Cover
      • Basic: Your stamina starts regenerating 25% earlier and 25% faster. You also sprint 25% faster.
      • Ace: You have a 10% increased chance to dodge while sprinting. You gain 15% chance to dodge while ziplining.
    • Parkour
      • Basic: You gain 10% additional movement speed and 20% increased speed while climbing ladders.
      • Ace: You gain the ability to sprint in any direction. Run and reload – you can reload your weapons while sprinting.
    • Inner Pockets
      • Basic: Increases the concealment of melee weapons by 2.
    • Shockproof
      • Basic: When tased, the shock effect has a 30% chance to backfire on the Taser, knocking them back.
      • Ace: When tased, you are able to free yourself from the taser by interacting with it within 2 seconds of getting tased.
    • Sneaky Bastard
      • Basic: You gain 1% dodge chance for every 3 points of detection rate under 35 up to 10%.
  • Silent Killer
    • Second Wind
      • Basic: When your armor breaks your movement speed is increased by 30% for 5 seconds.
    • Optical Illusion
      • Basic: This effect also applies to your crew when triggered.




  • Revenant
    • Nine Lives
      • Basic: You gain a 50% increase to your bleedout health.
      • Ace: You gain the ability to get downed 1 more time before going into custody.
    • Swan Song
      • Basic: Instead of getting downed instant, you gain the ability to keep on fighting for 3 seconds with a 60% movement penalty before going down. Note: Does not trigger on fall or fire damage.
      • Ace: Increases the duration of Swan Song by 6 seconds. Ammunition won’t be depleted while the effect is active.
    • Feign Death:
      • Basic: When you get downed, you have a 15% chance to instantly get revived.
    • Messiah
      • Basic: While in bleedout, you can revive yourself if you kill an enemy. You only have 1 charge.
      • Ace: Your messiah charge is replenished whenever you use a doctor bag.
  • Brawler
    • Martial Arts
      • Basic: You take 50% less damage from all melee attacks. Because of training.

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