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One Down Kingpin Build

Welcome to the One down difficulty.

If you are a fan of Scarface, or you want to use utilise armor, this build is for you.

This Build was created by: Jed0Bread

Notice: Pd2skills will be used to illustrate the build.

Lets start with Mastermind:











From the Mastermind tree the main properties are:

Medic: Combat Medic Basic | Aced Quick Fix | Aced Doctor Bag | Aced Inspire

Controller: Forced Friendship Basic | Joker Aced | Confident Aced | Partner In Crime Aced

Sharpshooter: None

The mastermind tree allows the player to shout revive, take two police hostages and convert to helping, and 2 medic bags with 4 charges. Bonus 15% less damage for 120 seconds when using Medic bag.


Enforcer Tree:











From the Enforcer Tree the Main properties are as follows:

Shotgun Skills: Underdog Basic

Armor Skill: Resilience Aced | Transporter Basic | DieHard Basic | Shock&Awe Aced | Iron Man Aced

Ammo Skill: None

The enforcer tree is vital as the player must wear the ICTV to reap the armor benefits from the kingpin perk deck. If the player cannot destroy the flashbang in time, the resilience aced will remove 75% of the duration of flash. The shock and awe will save the player if they have to bow the shield rather than use china puff.


Technician Tree:











Engineer | Breacher | Oppressor: All Empty

The technician tree is not needed for this build. Although an alternative to underdog is

Steady grip but the Plainsrider bow is already 100 stability and 100 accuracy.


Ghost Tree:












From the Ghost tree, The Main properties are as follows:

Covert Ops: Empty

Commando: Duck and cover Basic | Parkour Basic | ShockProof Aced

Silent Killer: Empty

The parkour and Duck and cover are both vital as wearing the Improved Combined Tactical Vest is heavy and speed is everything. Yyou run faster while also regenerating stamina faster. The Shockproof is incredibly vital as if a taser shocks you, you need to free yourself. The plainsrider bow can’t hit the taser.


Now finally, the Fugitive Tree:











Gunslinger: Empty


Nine Lives Aced | Feign Death Basic | Swan Song Aced | Messiah Aced

Brawler: Empty

Nine Lives is a skill not to overlook. It will give you an extra down for one down (Two downs) With the bonus 50% extra bleedout health. Feign death 15% isn’t much but it still better than nothing to revive yourself.

Swan song aced will give you time to revive other teammates or to generate arrows if you are running low. Especially clear rooms with the China Puff. Messiah Aced Is vital as it will be needed to revive yourself if your teammates are unable to reach you.


Plainsrider Bow










This weapon is unique as it features incredible damage. (Although payday 2 skills says ‘194’ The actual ingame damage is ‘1000’)

It has a great reload speed of 1 second. However you need to be accurate and charge the bow well enough for range.

But with enough time spent, you will be able to use the bow efficiently.

China Puff 40mm Grenade Launcher:










The China Puff 40mm Grenade Launcher is an excellent weapon for One down. It holds 3 rounds per reload. The damage output is higher in game. It is suitable to remove bulldozer visors then use the plainsrider bow. It is also effective with shields and clearing out groups of enemies in 1 shot. The disadvantage is that friendly fire can occur. Since you’re bow arrows can be picked up, there is plenty of ammo drop from police to fill up your China Puff.

The perk deck is Kingpin

The armor is Improved Combined Tactical Vest

Throwable: Injector

Assault in progress