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Elmsworth Mansion custom heist Payday 2

Elmsworth Mansion custom heist Payday 2

Elmsworth Mansion custom heist for Payday 2, on One Down Solo Stealth! That’s a mouthful! This custom heist made by Optimistic Walrus is another great step in Payday 2 custom maps. Bringing a new idea to stealth along with great voice lines. It can be kind of tricky at times… which is a good thing as Payday 2 stealth is rather easy in its current form.

In order to play this excellent heist you will need to do a couple of things. If you’ve never modded Payday 2 before make sure you watch my how to mod video here:


After this you will need to simply create a file in your main Payday 2 directory and call that folder: Maps

Once you’ve downloaded this custom heist you just need to extract and place in the Maps folder you just created. The beardlib music module goes in to the Mods folder.

The instruction in the How to mod video is EXACTLY how you mod Payday 2. If it’s not working that will mean you are either not extracting it correctly or are using outdated BLT and beardlib mods.

The reason I don’t link those mods here is that they are constantly updated and links move around. I do not want it to be my full time job to move links and stuff around. Google is your friend here, use it wisely. If you don’t know how to search for these mods then you probably shouldn’t be modding in the first place lol

Other questions that will come up.. I guarantee it….

What HUD? https://youtu.be/l4pkqecLgnE
What gun? Judge with Shhh! Suppressor and Diamond splinter camo
Why burn yourself? Yakuza perk deck for speed
What build? https://youtu.be/-QNjpSIggYc
What character? Hoxton, ya twat!
What filter? BHD
How do you move so fast? https://youtu.be/xFFiVH1Ovhw (and see Yakuza above)
Elmsworth Mansion link: http://modwork.shop/20920
Beardlib Music module link: http://modwork.shop/18107

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