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Ghost 145+ mod – CAR SHOP – PAYDAY 2 (Murky – Solo stealth DW)

Ghost 145+ mod - CAR SHOP - PAYDAY 2 (Murky - Solo stealth DW)

► Payday 2 difficulty mod – deathwish 145+

► 145 Murky Playlist: http://bit.ly/2cj2Uwk

► So what is this? Well, it gives you the option of playing on regular, professional or murky. This is Murky difficulty… no pagers, no civ kills, no marking guards, shouting at civilians creates noise and ECM’s don’t block pagers or phones, only cameras~!

Not all heists will be possible on murky difficulty but I will attempt to do all that are.

Car Shop is a difficult heist to do on Murky difficulty….

► Car Shop – payday 2 – ghost 145 mod

►Mod available on lastbullet.net: http://bit.ly/2bPzSXl

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