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Golden Grin Casino Solo Deathwish – Payday 2

Golden Grin Casino Solo Deathwish - Payday 2

► This gameplay is AFTER the frenzy 105.2 update. Frenzy skill took a hit from 60% less damage to 25% less damage. I still like it though, still worth the points in my opinion!

► Golden Grin Deathwish Solo

► Build video: https://youtu.be/HYvY0_nG10w

Weapons used:

M308 Assault Rifle
Judge shotgun with HE rounds
Using Anarchist perk deck

Other SOLO DW videos:

► Overdrill solo: https://youtu.be/LvnW19u28Eo
► Meltdown: https://youtu.be/w8UgSIRqzqE
► Beneath the Mountain: https://youtu.be/TribR9zbLfx8
► Rats: https://youtu.be/bzJ2FRKdvCo
► Hotline Miami: https://youtu.be/pbIdVm84p6Q
► Hoxton Breakout: https://youtu.be/jI2TB3mMGkY
► Birth of Sky: https://youtu.be/2F3oTJG7ETI
► Big Bank: https://youtu.be/ZstXyzHNjXw
► Bank Heist: https://youtu.be/ZsidRyyJSYw
► Lab Rats: https://youtu.be/dXzuskvMtoE

► Let me know in the comments which one you would like to see solo DW next!

Current requests are: Bomb: Forest, Watchdogs, Biker heist, Goat heist, Framing Frame

My links:

● Facebook – http://bit.ly/2dn2UvQ
● Twitch – https://twitch.tv/b33croft
● Twitter – https://twitter.com/ab33croft
● Steam group – b33croft’s Safe House


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Assault in progress