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How to make a build in Payday 2 (What I do… Death Sentence)

How to make a build in Payday 2 (What I do... Death Sentence)

How to make a payday 2 death sentence build. This is how I go through my process of making payday 2 loud builds. Stealth builds are slightly different.

I use this method for dodge and armor builds, whichever of those is your preference, then go that way.

The best thing about Payday 2 builds is that they are pretty customizable and everyone has different opinions and skills they have to have. An early example of that in the video is flashbang resistance. Something that I just can’t do without but many people will be OK with it.

The best part of the build I begin to make here is that at level 33 you can successfully complete death sentence heists with the one down modifier active and have no issues.

So let me know what your have to have skills are, and also which skill you stay away from!

Sorry for taking so long for this last video, work and streaming has is taking a lot of my time up!

Build videos: http://bit.ly/2cN3ZhR

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