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Kingpin Perk Deck – Scarface DLC (Payday 2)

Kingpin Perk Deck - Scarface DLC (Payday 2)

Kingpin perk deck tips, how does it work and review. Payday 2 Scarface DLC, including the character and heist pack comes the Kingpin perk deck.

Very different than other perk decks, pretty much like a reverse grinder perk deck. Take damage to gain health, is an interesting concept and should be played carefully!

Here is my Solo stealth run on the Scarface Mansion heist:


A potential build for this perk deck is shown at the end of the video for you to try. I like the build it just takes some getting used after running dodge for so long! While I like playing this perk deck on the overkill, mayhem and deathwish difficulties, One Down is really tricky. One shot on that difficulty and your armor is gone, the next shot is typically fatal and removes all of the health you just got back through using this perk deck.

I tried to use a dodge build with this deck but the lack of armor really hurts and again, you are so fragile that the health disappears really quick!

Try some builds out and let me know what you think.

● Mods I use:

WolfHUD: http://bit.ly/2hNUCkW
VELOSync: http://bit.ly/2hNUCkW
Screen filter: http://modwork.shop/16914

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