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One Down Bomb Forest – Payday 2 (Crazy ending!)

One Down Bomb Forest - Payday 2 (Crazy ending!)

One Down Bomb Forest Payday 2.

The Bomb Forest on One Down difficulty was one of the most difficult of the One Down heists.

Shout out to Greeperman for randomly leaving the heist, not sure we would have completed it without him doing that, probably not… but we would have kept trying!

Yes the bows have taken a damage hit… do I still think they are good? Yep. They still do high damage, just not as much.

Taken from a livestream, so excuse the quality, was a download and re-render of the stream.

**blurred out images towards the end of the video were due to inappropriate images posted in the livestream chat**

Not sure why I slapped my head at the end lol!

Thanks to Peasemaker for more One Down fun:


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