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One Down Build – Payday 2 (One Down difficulty builds)

One Down Build - Payday 2 (One Down difficulty builds)

The best One Down build – Payday 2

One Down difficulty builds are pretty hard to make, just not enough skill points!

This one down build uses the idea that Joker skills help the other players by deflecting enemies attention and fire. It works pretty well.

The basis of this One Down build is the Anarchist perk deck (Sydney Character Pack DLC) and other main skills such as Berserker, Frenzy, Overkill and Joker.

Weapons are the Judge shotgun and the English longbow with explosive tips.

One Down seems to be more about team work and strategy and not running and gunning. More of a tactile gameplay where you take cover. With this in mind, the joker skills therefore allow converted enemies, who have a lot of health if maxed out, take some flack for you!

Try it out and let me know your One Down builds and variations, I am open to try them out!

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