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One Down Dodge Build – Payday 2 (One Down difficulty builds)

One Down Dodge Build - Payday 2 (One Down difficulty builds)

Best One Down Dodge build – Payday 2

**Using Wolf HUD** This is what changes the look of my menus!

Build in action: https://youtu.be/fjNSRLrwVTI

Other One Down build video: https://youtu.be/h5AmKWKNmKs

Of course there are many many variants to how you can play dodge builds on One Down difficulty. I tried and tested sooo many different variants!

This video is showing my favorite setup and what works best for me. Some different skills I tried in my testing phases:

Remove messiah if playing with a team who runs inspire
Add drill skills when needed
Jack of all trades for extra deployable
Stockholm syndrome and/or hostage taker
Berserker for extra damage
Low blow for critical hit chance
Crook perk deck
Anarchist perk deck

Note: I am using DLC only weapons. Builds can be made with non-DLC weapons, you will porbably have to spend some skill points in some weapon trees to aid them though and this changes the build quite a lot. Some recommendations could be; sniper rifles, judge shotgun, mosconi shotgun, m308 rifle… but like I said, these take skill points to make them more efficient, thereby sacrificing some key skills in this build.

Also note: If you can’t match my skill tree points with yours then you are probably a low infamy and don’t have the skill tier reductions from going infamous. In this case you will not be able to get the exact same build but a slightly less efficient variant until you become a higher level.

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