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One Down Firestarter Day 1 Stealth – Payday 2 (Random cops!)

One Down Firestarter Day 1 Stealth - Payday 2 (Random cops!)

Firestarter Day 1 Stealth One Down – Payday 2

42:19 for the random cop part 😛

Common questions, here’s the answers:

● Hud used: WolfHUD
● Primary weapon: Cavity 9mm
● Secondary: Judge shotgun, silent killer suppressor, G-Toxin skin

It’s a great challenge and I’ve done it a few times. This was especially funny for 2 reasons:

● 1 – I thought I used all my body bags when in fact I had a spare case!
● 2 – A random helicopter with cops in it shows up!

I like to give this a shot every once in a while as I find it calming to do but can easily turn to frustration lol

Thumbnail is a reference to the song Firestarter by the awesome 90’s British group Prodigy 🙂 I couldn’t get any good shots that captured the first day of the Firestarter heist, and every time I hear Firestarter I always think of this song.

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