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One Down Solo LOUD – Boiling Point – Payday 2

One Down Solo LOUD - Boiling Point - Payday 2

One Down Difficulty Boiling Point Solo Loud – Payday 2

Boiling Point Solo on One Down difficulty is definitely a challenge, as are most One Down Heists!

Other One Down Solo Loud:

► Bank Heist Gold: https://youtu.be/CTnLAIQdjuQ

Build info:

Here is a link to the PD2 skills build that I did as it’s different to the build I referenced:


Let me know if you would like to see a video on this build specifically, to show exactly what I used.

Thanks and build credit goes to:

► Kins0: http://bit.ly/2dJPlXJ

New Payday 2 Difficulties! The highest difficulty is now One Down. The basics of the name are that one down and you go grey, so one more down and you will be in custody, if you fail to use a doctor bag.

Mayhem difficulty is the other difficulty introduced. This one falls between Overkill and Deathwish difficulties. However, Overkill stated that they have re-balanced the other levels so they all may feel a little different!

My links:

● Facebook – http://bit.ly/2dn2UvQ
● Twitch – https://twitch.tv/b33croft
● Twitter – https://twitter.com/ab33croft
● Steam group – b33croft’s Safe House


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