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By b33croft, April 20, 2017 youtube

Locke in Payday 2 voiced by Ian Russell, was kind enough to spare me an hour of his time to come by my stream, say hi, talk about his character, his career and give us some voice lines. Ian is…

By Raith, April 19, 2017 Uncategorized

Soo we got a giveaway today! Biker: eXeK, Purpledog13, sanya_niki, Zen Ninja, Onnomango Rust: DarkEmerald, Sebastian_Gabiardi, TheStefPlayz, M4rvinLP, WolfOVK Game: lekainri Pencils: wolve011, iceknight tv, revalating_shots, soulstealer55, jackistar, redblood, mewshy, Lee Drevis, urix88, JusticePoutine

By b33croft, April 16, 2017 youtube

Car Racing in Payday 2 mod. Race you friends in Payday 2 around a small circuit in the Falcogini race cars. The map is kinda finished but has no timers or lap counters. You can also use this mod as…

By b33croft, April 14, 2017 youtube

Caution Wet Floors achievement on Green Bridge Payday 2. I did this solo with no AI as I wan’t sure of the rules. The achievement is to get the prisoner to the scaffolding without you, the player touching the ground…

By Raith, April 12, 2017 Uncategorized

Yeah we got a giveaway today for you and its got a few pencil’s… WELL 25 OF THEM TO BE EXACT… Well Actually 26… Because i made a mistake   FurryTuber – John Wick Matthew123 – John Wick Dustless Wand7… Read More »

By b33croft, April 12, 2017 youtube

Crime Spree level 660 Birth of Sky. As part of the Spring Break updates for Payday 2, Crime Spree was introduced. See below video for more information on what is Crime Spree in Payday 2 and also see what payout…

By b33croft, April 8, 2017 youtube

Mega Rust mask in Payday 2 with the Crime Spree update. You need to reach level 250 in a Crime Spree and get the “A Vast Amount of Unlawful Transgressions” achievement to unlock Mega Rust. To learn more about crime…

By b33croft, April 7, 2017 youtube

Crime Spree in Payday 2 is a new update released as part of the Spring Break updates. Crime spree allows you to climb a separate XP ladder to gain more experience, money, cards and more! This is a very simplified…

By Raith, April 5, 2017 Uncategorized

Hey Guys we got a giveaway for you! PAYDAY 2: Scarface Character Pack: FurryTuber PAYDAY 2: Gage Russian Weapon Pack: LynXx PAYDAY 2: John Wick Weapon Pack DLC: Not_Sir_Spy_The_4th The King Mask Pack: TheBanditFox kisbodzi Dednotbigsouprice peake officerunknown Zaphkiel cardinal2661… Read More »

By b33croft, April 5, 2017 youtube

Payday 2 Heat Street on One Down! The original Heat Street was from Payday the Heist and was always a pretty tough heist! This was recorded from my livestream and was my very first try on this heist, didn’t bother…

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