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Payday 2 ZOMBIES – Shadow Raid map (Custom Zombies Blops 3)

Payday 2 ZOMBIES - Shadow Raid map (Custom Zombies Blops 3)

Zombies Payday 2 map – Custom Map for Black Ops 3 Zombies

I’ve been a huge fan of Black Ops Zombies for a long time and when I found this Payday 2 Shadow Raid map for custom Zombies, I got really excited!

I would love to bring some Zombies videos to this channel, if that’s something my loyal Payday 2 followers would like to see!

Here is the link for the custom heist on steam:


Hopefully this heist gets updated to look more like Shadow Raid and with that, more Payday 2 heists become Zombies maps!

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