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Prison Nightmare One Down – Payday 2 (Halloween Update)

Prison Nightmare One Down - Payday 2 (Halloween Update)

Prison Nightmare Heist One Down Difficulty – Payday 2

HUD used: Wolf HUD

Halloween Update for Payday 2 bought us the Prison Nightmare Heist and it’s awesome! It also bought is more achievements! Way better than the Lab Rats Halloween Heist form last year.

This video is taken from my livestream on launch of the Halloween update. You can see the rest of the livestream on my past broadcasts on my Twitch.tv channel for a short period of time. I would upload it all to YouTube but one of the songs in the livestream had a content ID match and it won’t allow me πŸ™

Make sure you check out the Halloween Event update for Payday 2 if you have chance. The Prison Nightmare heist is great and some of the achievements are a little tricky!

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