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Stoic Perk Deck – How does it work? [Payday 2]

Stoic Perk Deck - How does it work? [Payday 2]

Stoic perk deck Payday 2 came with the Duke character. It’s a health regeneration perk along with a damage reduction perk. Use the Hip flask as the throwable and get some damage returned as health!

How does Stoic work? It reduces the damage taken and releases the damage you do get over time and then finally limiting that damage to only 4 seconds. You can then get the remaining damage back as health… pretty complicated by the sound of it… that’s why I thought I’d clear it up with a video.

Oh and before you say the numbers on the screen don’t mach my numbers is that I took those off the website and didn’t want to count the standard perks that are the same in every perk deck.

I have had most success with the ICTV when using this perk deck Stoic with ICTV gives a huge amount of health and along with the damage reduction you seem to stay alive a lot easier. With a 2 piece suit, it gets tricky as you don’t really gain any bonus for taking a suit!

Anyways.. let me know what you think of the deck and skills to go with it….

HUD: http://bit.ly/2hBtkxD
Why do I move so fast, my FOV is 1.7: http://bit.ly/2l6O2ne
Build videos: http://bit.ly/2cN3ZhR

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